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About Us

Why We Do What We Do!

Walking on Water (WOW) Performing Arts Center also know as The PAC is a non-profit 501c3 performing arts education agency that provides students with great opportunities for self-expression. Utilizing the performing arts in a safe, secure, and positive environment, WOW aims to give our most underserved and seemingly voiceless community members an opportunity to be heard, to see themselves in performing arts spaces as well as experience impactful and relatable stories. 

Since 2017, WOW PAC has provided various services to the Midlands arts community through training classes, acting classes, workshops, and production opportunities in order to help foster and reinforce an image of positive self-esteem not only in our community but worldwide.

Our Story

Easy? Smooth road? What is that!? lol. Having been in this business for 20 years, as a big part of this journey has been met with obstacle after obstacle, struggle after struggle, at every step.   From not being able to find the right talent to finding people to help push the vision, to not having a place available to work out of and/or present, to getting into the door in this industry is almost impossible but most of the issues, obstacles, and challenges we have faced are centered around finances.  Not having solid finances to facilitate, market, and support, these projects are quite often so discouraging that I have thought of quitting almost every other day.

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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