Founded by Tangie Beaty and Donna Johnson, WOW Performing Arts Center (WOW PAC) is a non-profit 501c3 performing arts education agency that provides students with great opportunities for self expression utilizing the performing arts in a safe, secure and positive environment. WOW aims to give our most underserved and voiceless community members an opportunity to be heard, to see themselves in performing arts spaces as well as experience impactful and relatable stories.. 


Our Mission

WOW Performing Arts Center’s to educate, encourage and empower local artists to create positive and thought-provoking projects on stage and film by using the performing arts as the vehicle to make a difference and impact our community.


We utilize real life experiences and use those experiences to educate our students by encouraging them to hope, dream and empower them to become who they want to be.  We aim to provide programs that encourages our students to find ways to make a change utilizing performing arts. 


Our Vision

WOW Performing Arts Center seeks to provide a vital performing arts center in a state-of-the-arts facility that is recognized throughout the state for its commitment to outstanding and creative programs, quality entertainment and productions.


Our Values

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Originality

  • Diversity

  • Living Purposefully for God


We Believe the Performing Arts…

  • has the power to transform, inspire and heal and break generational curses that plague our community.

  • is necessary and essential for our community to thrive.

  • can create community by bringing together a diverse audience encompassing all ages and backgrounds.​