Founded by Tangie Beaty and Donna Johnson, WOW Performing Arts Center (WOW PAC) is a non-profit 501c3 performing arts education agency that provides students with unique opportunities for self expression in a safe, secure and positive environment. We strive to promote a positive message that impacts change, promotes positivity (this part is the same as the first part of the sentence) and encourages those in need of hope. Believing that the origin of the arts brings about healing and deliverance, WOW aims to give our most underserved and seemingly voiceless community members an opportunity to be heard.


One of our main focus is to provide youth programs that will reach out to our at risk youth and catapult them into becoming advocates for change by providing opportunities for them to experience training and participate in performances that address common issues such as bullying, drugs, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, sex trafficking, peer pressure and more.


WOW PAC offers training and acting classes, writing workshops, celebrity seminars, acting performances and various live productions that foster a safe environment for learning and growth.



WOW’s vision is to be one of the leading performing arts organizations representing the community by being an interactive contributor that provides productions and events that impact the current culture we live in. 

We aim to fulfill this vision by: 

  • Securing a state of the art facility that will house classrooms, offices and a 175+ seating theatre for performances and showcases, rental options for other performing arts organizations and artist.

  • Presenting innovative programming of the highest quality;

  • Produce a variety of original works written by local artists and students.

  • Utilizing local and upcoming artists who also share the desire to use the performing arts as a vehicle to make a difference in not only their surrounding communities but nationwide;

  • Assist actors, playwrights, producers, and directors by providing training, education, and opportunities to showcase their talents while enhancing their skills; and

  • Maintaining a financially sound organization to support its goals.  


To collaborate with local theatre artists in our community in order to provide the Midlands with original and relatable productions that speak to multi-generational audiences collectively.


We aim to educate, encourage and empower artists to create positive and thought-provoking projects that inspires our community.  We work with local artists who share the same passion in using performing arts as a vehicle to make a difference.







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